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Hoping for Leadership in Cricket

Many would have hoped that the Cricket World Cup would have provided a wonderful platform to showcase what the region can do. Yet, we have seen a tournament that had so many missteps that it is hard to believe that the region’s image has not been tarnished. Whatever legacy benefits may be expected, at the current time, these would seem to be distant promises. The world will not really be able to distinguish whether the conduct of the tournament was due to the role of local organizing committees, or to the role of the International Cricket Council. The world is not so interest in cricket to dig deep to know the real reasons. It will simply see the Caribbean as “not being able”.layout1_1_pklpigayle200gk.jpg

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Having problems with regionalism and globalisation

A lot of talk has been generated by the Cricket World Cup (CWC) as an example of how the region can come together and make things successful. But around that talk there are other mutterings or loud shouts that suggest that not everyone sees it this way. Take, for example, the opening and closing ceremonies for CWC. I have heard and read comments that complained that the Jamaicans did not pay enough attention to the culture from the other countries. Recently, some Bajans have been complaining that the closing ceremony did not showcase Barbados, not least because the contract for the final music and dance “spectacle” had been given to a Trinidadian, Peter Minshall. That added to discontent that much of the final event had involved contracts going to foreign companies. Continue reading

What will we learn from CWC? We need honesty and to listen to the critics

ken-gordon.jpgI listened to WICB president, Ken Gordon (see photo), talking on the radio this afternoon. He talked freely about aspects of West Indies cricket management and poor performances in the recent CWC, noting that we played according to the form book, being beaten by better teams. (It’s worth remembering, though, that Mr. Gordon had predicted that West Indies would win the tournament.) But he lamented the manner of the defeats and the absence of a sense of wanting to fight for victory. He spoke about the need to change attitudes and practices in the team and more broadly, and felt that the WICB was a better organization now. We may not all agree on his assessment of the WICB (see recent commentary in The Jamaica Gleaner), the outgoing captain, Brian Lara, or how best to move forward with cricket in the region, it was good for him to speak on these subjects and not immediately duck some of the difficult questions. Continue reading

Fire in de belly! Election fever is starting

fnm-fire-belly.jpgThis year will see several general elections in the region, and The Bahamas have kicked off the races. In the Caribbean we put the party feeling into most things, including politics, and it’s good to see people getting out for rallies and “enjoying” their democratic rights. There are no certainties in elections, but opposition supporters are chanting loudly “It ain’ long now!” or “It ova!”, as they expect a massive victory. So far, the debates have been heated and the supporters fervent. We hope that this will continue to be the trend, without any descent into violence against candidates or supporters. fnm-fire-crown.jpgHowever, recent reports of possible arson with the burning down of the constituency office of “Tommy” Turnquest, a very promintent member of opposition party, Free National Movement, indicate that this may be too hopeful. Continue reading

Scrap the West Indies cricket team!

lara.jpgGet rid of the regional side and let the individual countries play as nations. Why do we want to hold onto a side that represents a group of nations? We don’t have that for football, where Jamaica and Trinidad have shown themselves good enough to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. We don’t have it for athletics, and whether individual islands or the whole region cheers for world records by Jamaica’s Asafa Powell, he can be taken as a West Indian without having to represent a team with any such name. We don’t see it in swimming, or tennis, or netball, and we could go on. Continue reading

Disarray in West Indies cricket: WICB in financial trouble; team lags behind the world’s best in many aspects

wicket.jpgMany tough questions have already been asked about the preparedness of the West Indies team for the current CWC, but now that the team cannot qualify for the semi-finals, we begin to see the kind of news that many suspected was behind part of the failure. The West Indies Cricket Board president Ken Gordon  states that it has no money for money for development; while it is breaking even it has a US$15 million debt!

So, how will the WICB go forward to develop players and coaches? Already, we are seeing promises that “in another few months we might be able to make some progress but we have to keep working…”, but credibility has already been stretched by what we have seen during the CWC.  Continue reading

IMF assesses economic impact of CWC: Don’t expect much from it

The April 2007 Regional Economic Outlook of the Western Hemisphere, recently published by the IMF produces what seems to be the first attempt at an overall assessment of CWC’s economic impact. empty-stands_thumbnail.jpgIt comments on “The Caribbean: Growth and Fiscal Effects of the 2007 Cricket World Cup”, Continue reading

Windies cricket: All over bar the fat lady singing

Our sense of pride has all but gone, our West Indies team has not won. Offering little that could be called resistance, the team showed no spirit to go the distance. Our hopes prevailed from game to game, we knew the players would hide from shame. Continue reading