About the Caribbean commentator

Caribbean Comment is the work of Dennis Jones. I am an economist with an international financial institution, currently taking a period of leave without pay. I was born in Jamaica, but migrated to England as a young boy in the early 1960s, and spent most of the time up until my mid-30s in England. I then moved to Washington, DC in the 1990s. I have travelled extensively and worked in French-speaking west Africa during 2003-6, seeing at first hand the lowest levels of third world life.

I am new to blogging and am using it as a way of helping to organize some thoughts around a range of issues that affect the Caribbean, and at the same time sharing those thoughts with those who visit this blog.

One response to “About the Caribbean commentator

  1. notesfromthemargin

    Just roaming the Caribbean blogs and came across your site. Excellent content! Keep up the good work.


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