Windies cricket: All over bar the fat lady singing

Our sense of pride has all but gone, our West Indies team has not won. Offering little that could be called resistance, the team showed no spirit to go the distance. Our hopes prevailed from game to game, we knew the players would hide from shame.

But in match after match, we saw them surrender, till there was no one left who could be called a defender. What’s left for us as we see one more game? We feel the result will be just the same.

Whether we bat first or bat last, we can’t stop our opponents from going past. With bat or ball, they continue to fail, whether it’s Lara, Chandrapaul, or Gayle.

Now there is a clamour for heads to roll, as a scapegoat is needed to pay the toll. Fire the coach! Fire the captain! Fire them all, that would be a bargain!

Who should be select for the final matches? Should be burn some effigies and create a new “Ashes”? What can we do to restore some pride? If you are able-bodied, maybe you’ll be in the side?

So, pull out your pads and oil up your bat. We wont be too fussy even if you are fat. Look, Bermuda played well with a man called “Sluggo”, so don’t worry if your form and fitness is just so-so.

A chance to be on TV awaits one and all, to represent West Indies with bat and white ball. You may get a fat contract, you may get some fame, but please at least actually play the game.

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